This method book, which I prepared for the beginner level, is the first book in a series of kabak kemane methods. The kabak kemane method books that I have prepared for different levels will also meet you soon.

In the Kabak Kemane Method 1 book; There are musical terms, notation marks, note values, general information about the Kabak Kemane and the tuning of the Kabak Kemane, its maintenance, and the holding position of the instrument. Apart from these, 169 exercises; 51 folk songs in 11 different modes and 8 different styles; There are maqam and usûl information, transpose exercises, multiplication, glissando and vibrato exercises. In addition, video recordings of all the exercises and folk songs I have included in the method have been made and will be delivered to you in DVD form with the method.

Kabak Kemane Metodu 1 Kabak Kemane Metodu 1