This book, written in the light of experience and knowledge, on the path of at least a thousand years of tradition we received from our ancestors; For me, it was the most necessary part of translating the oral transmission into writing and sharing the information.

In Kabak Kemane Method 2, I first increased the levels of the 4 works in the first book and added various decorations so that students could improve their performance of the Kabak Kemane. I have tried to show how and in what way various local attitudes in the traditional Turkish folk music repertoire are performed in the Kabak Kemane with sample works. The attitudes of this region are respectively; “Teke ​​Style”, “Central Anatolian Style”, “Zeybek Style”, “Konya Style”, “Silifke Style”, “Karsılama Style”, “Yozgat Surmeli Style” and “Azerbaijani Style”. The works included in these examples of mannerisms have been selected in accordance with the level of this book and have been re-noted for kabak kemane in accordance with this level. On the other hand, in the last part of the book, there are studies on 28 advanced exercises and position changes.

Kabak Kemane Metodu 2 Kabak Kemane Metodu 2