In this method, 25 folk songs notes were re-written for kabak kemane and they are currently being used in fourth class kabak kemane lessons of undergraduate education of Department of Turkish Folk Music at Ege University State Turkish Music Conservatory Turkish Music.

These notes were written via using the Finale program and made ready for printing. All these notes are aided by professional training videos, published on youtube and can be reached via clicking given links on the title of each work in PDF files. In these videos, besides the theoretical information about the work, the solfeggio and the work has been performed. This repertoire, which consists of distinguished works in the Turkish folk music repertoire, belongs to different regions of Turkey. In addition to the folk music samples of Azerbaijan, there is a song namely “Excited” whose composition belongs to me and written for Kabak Kemane. Arrangement of all these works were adapted to the kabak kemane and it can be said that they are advanced level works for the kabak kemane.

Kabak Kemane Method 3 can be downloaded freely from the link below.

Kabak Kemane Metodu 3 Kabak Kemane Metodu 3